For Nashville dining in a vibrant neighborhood, Eastland Cafe is both comfortable and casually elegant. The open dining room has an inclusive, inviting feel, with dark mahogany wood panels and generous, warmly lit tables.

You’ll find a diverse crowd at Eastland Cafe. Neighborhood regulars. Good friends sharing a casual meal. Couples out for a romantic evening. Family, special event and business diners. A little bit of everything. It’s a multi-tiered, rich social environment, humming with relaxed energy. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, gracious, and take great pride in Eastland Cafe.

The ‘neighborhood’ theme spills into the food as well. Good, honest food at a good, honest price. Foods built from classic foundations, but still inventive.

The menu is approachable and solid, featuring daily specials and seasonal offerings.

For East Nashville dining, Eastland Cafe, is your local neighborhood restaurant location and is owned by Willy and Yvette Thomas. Their first independent restaurant, Park Cafe, has become a landmark on the west side of Nashville.