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For Nashville dining in a vibrant neighborhood, Eastland Cafe is both comfortable and casually elegant. The open dining room has an inclusive, inviting feel, with dark mahogany wood panels and generous, warmly lit tables.
You'll find a diverse crowd at Eastland Cafe. Neighborhood regulars. Good friends sharing a casual meal. Couples out for a romantic evening. Family, special event and business diners. A little bit of everything. It's a multi-tiered, rich social environment, humming with relaxed energy. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, gracious, and take great pride in Eastland Cafe.

What's type of food does Eastland Cafe serve?

The 'neighborhood' theme spills into the food as well. Good, honest food at a good, honest price. Foods built from classic foundations, but still inventive.

The menu is approachable and solid, featuring daily specials and seasonal offerings. >see full menu

What's the Wine List like at Eastland Cafe?

Eastland Cafe has built a list of carefully selected boutique wines, while still nodding to mainstream and name appeal. Both the novice and the seasoned vinophile will find what they're looking for...and possibly discover a new favorite. Eastland Cafe is proud of their informed, diligently researched wine list, which offers many seasonal selections.
>see current Wine List

Does Eastland Cafe have a full-service bar?

Yes, the well stock and attended bar is available for enjoying a cocktail, glass of wine, or a full dinner. A full list of wines by the glass, and original martinis are available, and the absence of televisions mounted to the wall is a welcomed change - this is a bar for relaxing, for conversation and for casual dining, attending by a growing number of neighborhood regulars and friends.

Do I need a reservation for dinner?

Reservations are not required, but they are STRONGLY recommended.

A customer's review of Eastland Cafe:

"I love the feel. It was welcoming, and I knew my paycheck could afford it. I sat down at the bar, and the bartender introduced herself, asked my name and made sure I was aware of the scrumptious specials. The french onion soup was to die for! I would quickly learn that the best soup in Nashville is served here (watch out for the daily specials with seasonal concoctions. I also enjoyed an eclectic salad (which featured vegetables I easily recognized). After conversing with other patrons, I was sold. The next night, I returned for the pizza, and the rest is history. This is home! I recommend it to everyone I know."
Emily B.

For Nashville dining, Eastland Cafe, your local neighborhood is owned by Willy and Yvette Thomas, whose first independent restaurant, Park Cafe, has become a landmark in the Nashville dining community.

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